Global CAPD Conference

The 2nd Global Conference on CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder) was held in Florida in conjunction with the American Academy of Audiology annual conference in March 2014. 220 participants from around the world gathered to hear leading international researchers present their findings. Professor Suzanne Purdy of the University of Auckland and Dr Bill Keith of SoundSkills attended from New Zealand. Dr Purdy presented a review of current and future approaches for the treatment of APD. She emphasised the importance of considering multiple treatment approaches based on the complexity of the auditory and cognitive links in APD. A number of speakers presented research on electrophysiological procedures which may lead to new clinical methods for diagnosing APD. Presentations on APD treatment covered rehabilitation from brain injury, epilepsy and the central auditory processing difficulties of military service personnel injured by blast exposure. A common theme was the value of auditory training in engendering neuroplastic change.

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