Remote Microphone Hearing Aids for APD

Auditory processing disorder is a type of deafness that occurs not in the ears but in the brain. Fortunately it is very treatable. People with APD can be helped to hear with a small amount of amplification. A common and effective treatment for auditory processing disorder in children is the fitting of remote microphone hearing aids. These are miniature hearing aids incorporating radio receivers which receive the speech signal from a transmitter microphone which can be worn by a parent, a teacher, a coach, a relative, or a friend. The speaker’s voice is then delivered clearly right into the child's ears.

Not only do remote microphone hearing aids directly improve the ability to understand spoken speech and to learn, they also cause improvement in hearing abilities over time . Studies around the world have shown that after a period wearing remote microphone hearing aids improvement can be seen on many measures of hearing function. This means that remote microphone hearing aids may not need to be worn long-term in many cases.

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