Living with APD: Our stories

Huge improvement in academics

“We and E's teacher have noticed a large improvement in a range of academic subjects and skills since she started using the remote microphone hearing aids, including indirect aspects like her confidence generally. Her reading age jumped from 8.5 years to 10.5 years with increased accuracy just over the initial two month hearing aid trial period. There have been amazing comments from her teachers and peers. We are so grateful that she is racing ahead now.”


Grateful for good progress

"We are still very much at the beginning of S’s journey to recovery from the disorder. He has been using the equipment for around 6 months but we feel that he is making good progress and are very grateful for having SoundSkills on the journey with us available for support and advice when required."

Improved focus

"T's ability to concentrate has improved and the teacher is able to ensure that his instructions are able to be easily understood. This has enabled T to get straight down to work in class rather than sitting wondering what it is he is meant to do."


"This has been a life-changing experience for my son and us as a family. My son’s confidence is greatly improved and we now understand his behaviour much better."

Thank you!

"The service was fantastic. Dr T was very special. She has an empathy for children and the expertise to back it up. …She gave something wonderful to our family – we are so grateful to her."

Now above average

"We thought you would like to hear that we attended a school interview and learned that [our son] has been taken out of the special learning support group as his standardised test scores (PAT) are now above average. His progress has been very fast. Those hearing aids are obviously doing an amazing job.”

'Huge' progress with reading and writing

"My 7 year old son  went to SoundSkills with a suspected auditory processing order. He has had weekly sessions for phonological awareness and general listening skills for almost 18 months and has now finished his therapy.

During that time he has made huge progress with his reading and concentration and scored above average in many areas in his recent literacy testing.

The therapists at SoundSkills have been very professional but also very friendly and skilled at encouraging him when he was reluctant to participate".

Thanks for all your help

A S.

School results are improving due to therapy 

"SoundSkills have been involved with our son’s audio processing disorder since February 2010.  Their staff have been very professional and diligent, and due to their assistance, his performance at school appears to be improving.  SoundSkills have been very generous with a lengthy trial period and advice for the audio device which we now lease and we believe helping our boy is SoundSkill’s highest priority".

G & D B.

Hearing better in class

M is a 12 year old boy who had undiagnosed hearing problems. His mother is a Speech Language Therapist. APD testing showed that M had amblyaudia which was subsequently treated with four therapy sessions over a period of four weeks.

After treatment M’s mother reported:

"M is much better. Now he LOVES school and is doing very well. He doesn't say "WHAT??" anymore, such as when he's playing Xbox. This is a great improvement.

The teacher says that M "raises his hand all the time in English now. M is "shining" more. His reading comprehension and maths are improving. M is having extra tuition with a reading tutor and he has been referred to another speech language therapist for phonological awareness training to help him catch up in these areas."

Delighted Teacher

SoundSkills received an email from a teacher regarding a child with auditory processing disorder who is trialling remote microphone hearing aids. Here’s what the happy teacher had to say:

Hi SoundSkills,

I just wanted to say that on Friday morning during the end of week testing routine, there was a huge difference in the way J responded to my instructions! I was totally amazed!

He was sat at his desk and usually he would be the last to be ready and be totally disorganized but he just quietly followed my instructions without even looking up to see who was talking. :) It was quite funny...I was speaking to him from the other side of the room and he did everything I said immediately... I am so excited!